diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion leverage our core values and collective strengths, creating a thriving and successful Westfield. It is a dedicated and continuous effort, creating unique value for our customers, employees, business partners and the community. Embracing diversity and inclusion enhances our ability to achieve our mission, enabling customers’ peace of mind and financial stability.

We believe an inclusive culture:

     •  Embraces each individual's unique perspectives, experiences and talent

     •  Fosters collaboration, innovation and high performance

     •  Positively influences delivery of products and services

     •  Transforms challenges into opportunities

     •  Requires commitment from everyone

Ed Largent, Westfield President, CEO & Board Chair shares his story and explains why diversity and inclusion is important to him and to Westfield:

"It's about what we choose to do, not what we have to do …

Growing up with a father who was a musician, composer and a university professor, I spent a lot of time on college campuses where the environment was incredibly diverse and inclusive. When I entered the work force, I felt a strong sense of structure and conformance. This contrast helped me realize the deep value of diversity, and this realization influences me to this day.

Now, as CEO and President, I was recently asked about my vision for diversity and inclusion here at Westfield, why it's important and what it means for employees. Here are my thoughts."

Employee Resource Groups

Employee resource groups (ERGs) are grassroots forums established by employees with similar interests to meet, share information and collaborate with a focus on advancing diversity and inclusion. ERGs and the work they do support Westfield in developing a diverse team of talented and engaged people.

Westfield and its employees sponsor and support ERGs within the organization and recognize the value and benefit these groups provide to employees:

     •  Offer learning and professional development opportunities

     •  Enable recruitment and retention by advancing ideas that are important to employees

     •  Create connections and fosters collaboration among employees

     •  Act as a voice to leadership while providing visibility in the workplace

All full and part-time employees are invited to join our employee resource groups.  Learn more about Westfield’s Employee Resource Groups:

Women's Network

Purpose: To educate, inspire and interact with women and their advocates by building a community focused on appreciating the strengths and contributions of women as leaders in the workplace. By providing advocacy and development that enables women to achieve their career goals, we help our organization achieve higher performance and profitability through diversity of thought and voice.

LGBTQ+ and Allies Network

Purpose: To assist Westfield Group in achieving its diversity and inclusion goals by affirming Westfield’s commitment to a supportive, respectful environment for all, regardless of sexual orientation.

Professionals Network

Purpose: To enhance Westfield’s corporate goal to attract, develop, empower and retain quality people by effectively engaging, connecting and fostering the growth and development of Westfield’s emerging professionals.

Multicultural Network

Purpose: To foster understanding and appreciation of cultural similarities and differences by raising awareness of Westfield’s multicultural employee talent through education, networking and career development.

Abilities Advocates Network

Purpose: To further the attraction, empowerment, retention and contributions of quality people by creating a supportive network of employees with shared interest in issues relating to working with disabilities, workplace accessibility, as well as matters associated with caring for and assisting others with disabilities (including those related to aging).

Patriot Network

Purpose: To provide support for all Westfield military service members (active, guard, reserve and veteran) and their families. We will demonstrate to our communities that Westfield is a veteran-friendly organization.