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Why work in insurance?

If you’re passionate about making a difference, then a career in the insurance industry is for you. Whether working directly as a claims representative or indirectly as an IT systems analyst, what you do on a daily basis contributes to the peace of mind people need after they have experienced a devastating loss. You help to provide what they need to go on with their lives and their businesses.

Believe it or not, insurance is an exciting field. It is an incredibly multi-faceted industry. You will work with different types of people, businesses and disciplines every day. Whether you’re a people person, a numbers person or a technical person, there’s a place for you in the insurance industry.


Actuaries at Westfield use a large amount of data to determine rates to be charged for various types of insurance. Pricing actuaries team up with field and Home Office representatives to develop and implement state strategies. They also analyze rates and rating plans and recommend changes based on trends in loss experience. Actuaries quantify the impact of proposed changes on our policyholders and justify the changes to state regulatory agencies.

Actuarial functions performed at the corporate level include analyzing loss and loss adjustment expense reserves, developing and implementing models for company planning and profitability, and identifying database specifications and enhancements.

AgriBusiness Division

The AgriBusiness division of Westfield is a leading writer of farmowner business nationally, ranking as one of the nation’s top farmowner writers. We also insure commercial agribusinesses – those businesses providing inputs to farms or receiving direct outputs from farms that are no more than “one step removed” from production agriculture. Our strategy is based on differentiating ourselves from the competition, as well as having deep roots in agriculture (we were founded in 1848 by a small group of Ohio farmers!).

Students currently enrolled in agricultural colleges are target candidates for employment in Westfield’s AgriBusiness division. Opportunities exist for desk work as well as field work, traveling to meet agents and developing long term business partnerships. A top notch in-house training program awaits the new employee. Careers at Westfield are self-directed by the highly motivated individual with ample educational opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Information Technology

Westfield’s information technology department provides a variety of services that align with Westfield’s business needs. These services include:

     •  Technical support for allWestfield's agency automation solutions

     •  Guidance, resources and effective delivery for prioritized projects on Westfield's project portfolio

     •  Rate and product maintenance for all automated lines of business

     •  Visionary technological direction

     •  Development of software applications, maintenance of current systems, software selection, package implementation and data



Claims representatives deliver on the promises we make as a company to our policyholders. They use their expertise to analyze a loss and determine which coverage applies. They are able to make decisions on fair payments and in some cases, pay the policyholder on the spot, making that person’s loss experience a little easier. Westfield claims representatives are empowered to make sure we pay what we owe and take care of our customers when they need us the most – during a time of loss.

Westfield representatives handle our customers’ claims from a variety of locations including our Home Office, local service offices located throughout our operating states, and in some cases from their residences.

Commercial Lines

The commercial lines division consists of mid-market (mid-size to larger businesses) and small business accounts. Whether in the field or from our Home Office, underwriters handle the major responsibility of the production, retention and profit of mid-market commercial lines business using the highest level of technical underwriting ability. These valued leaders are the face of Westfield to various territories and our agency business partners. They make critical decisions regarding risk acceptability and pricing, and provide service to our agency partners.

Corporate Risk

The corporate risk management department manages the reinsurance program and the risk management program for the company. The reinsurance function consists of determining the appropriate reinsurance program for the property & casualty insurance company and purchasing reinsurance to protect the company against large losses. The risk management function consists of evaluating the risks of the organization and creating approaches to manage these risks. This may include purchasing insurance to transfer the risk or developing other options to reduce or eliminate risk.

Customer Service

Westfield’s billing services department takes care of our customers during what can be the most frustrating and confusing part of insurance – billing. This team works with our customers and agents every day, helping them through the billing process and providing options to make payments easier. Additional career opportunities include reconciling agents and customers’ accounts, quality analyst (ensuring both system and service quality) and collections administration. Our experienced customer service professionals know how to treat our customers well and represent Westfield as knowledgeable solution providers.


We want every visitor to Westfield to leave with a memorable experience. Our hospitality operations department plans and hosts events for our agents, customers and other guests at our Westfield Center, Ohio campus. Westfield Country Club provides impeccable service to our guests at world class facilities, including two championship 18-hole golf courses, restaurant and bar, and outdoor pavilion. Blair Center, our banquet and meeting facility, provides a relaxing business atmosphere for our guests. The Westfield Inn is a Georgian style building with 64 guest rooms that hosts our overnight guests with the utmost care and professionalism.

Human Resources

Westfield’s human resources department puts our goal to attract, develop, empower and retain quality people into action. This team works to recruit the best candidates to join our company and ensure our future success. To develop the skills of our current employees, the human resources department offers numerous training and development opportunities that support professional development and learning throughout the organization. This team introduces and maintain policies and procedures to address the needs of our employees and help make Westfield a great place to work. In addition, the human resources department coordinates our employee health and wellness program.

Internal Audit

Westfield’s internal audit department provides independent and objective consulting services designed to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, governance and the implementation of best practices.

Internal audit plays a key role in today’s ever evolving corporate environment of mergers, acquisitions, organizational restructurings, information technology breakthroughs, and fraud prevention and detection. Westfield utilizes the internal audit department as a valuable resource for strong corporate governance.

Based on periodic risk assessments, the internal audit department develops a risk-based audit plan that is aligned with the company’s vision. The department provides recommendations regarding cost effective and efficient approaches to mitigate risks and enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Investment Department

The Investment Department manages a large, marketable securities portfolio for Westfield Group. Our primary investment objective is to provide a predictable, stable and growing stream of investment income. This is achieved by purchasing and holding interest-bearing, mortgage-backed corporate and government bonds. Additionally, we manage a sizeable portfolio of common stocks that pay periodic dividend payments.

The increasing complexity of the public securities markets leads us to seek people who have heavy academic exposure to financial disciplines such as accounting, finance or economics. Individuals with MBA’s and/or financial designations such as CFA or CPA are typical candidates.


Westfield’s history of success is based on our relationships. Our marketing department facilitates dynamic, value-based relationships between internal business units, customers and agents. The marketing department works to expand the Westfield brand through advertising, promotions, communications and events. Marketing supports our agency relationships through agency business and operations support, training opportunities, communication and recognition. 

Personal Lines

The personal lines division is responsible for developing new personal lines products and services, creating innovative rate structures designed to attract and retain targeted customer segments, policy processing, as well as personal lines underwriting and sales. Skills required range from marketing and sales to more analytical functions such as pricing, modeling and product knowledge.

The product department, staffed with financial analysts, market analysts and product directors, creates new products, enhances current products, establishes pricing structures, and ensures our products are properly priced. In addition, product houses the department which is also responsible for strategic planning, forecasting, results tracking and auditing.

Westfield personal lines representatives in the field work closely with the independent agencies who sell our products, helping them establish business plans, marketing campaigns and operational processes designed to help generate and retain personal lines’ customers.

The largest department within personal lines is underwriting. Each individual underwriter underwrites a specific group of agencies. This ensures a partnership approach in generating profitable growth.


The Westfield surety operation is recognized as one of the leaders in the industry and is one of the top 25 writers of surety in the United States. Field representatives in our network of service offices throughout our operating territories partner with home office underwriting staff to effectively respond to our customers’ surety needs. We offer a consistent but flexible underwriting approach and a full line of surety products as well as a dedicated, professional surety claims team.

For business graduates with majors in finance and accounting, and for those with strong backgrounds in finance and commercial credit, we offer opportunities in our Home Office and field locations. Westfield surety provides outstanding training that prepares our employees for the challenges of the ever-changing surety marketplace.

Workers Compensation

Westfield is among the top 25 percent of workers compensation underwriters in the United States. With centralized workers compensation management at our Home Office in Westfield Center, Ohio, the company provides underwriting, risk control and claims services to the states of Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Michigan, Tennessee and Wisconsin. Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia workers compensation is underwritten at our Lancaster, Pennsylvania office.

Westfield’s regional position in the marketplace offers more focus on small and mid-market commercial accounts than national carriers routinely afford. We offer attractive premium payment terms and workers compensation dividend plans to qualified policyholders. Our “A” (Excellent) A.M. Best rating and long history (we’ve been in business since 1848) attest to our stable position in the traditional marketplace, a desirable quality for today’s discerning workers compensation buyer.